A secret rendezvous…!!!

A secret rendezvous…!!!

 Doled out is my heart by peoples Impetuousness, needs to be integrated, glued with Love

Aristophane says, once man & woman were one, God split them in half

Not to fight or blame one another but to find eachother again in natural Love

Avant grade love can only solve this anachronic riddle

Sublimity in your ambivalence words filled with satirism is perniciously haunting

Huckster am I not? Offering my life for your’s

Raging, facetiously are your talks covering timidity beneath

Eros:the God of Love have sent you to me for eternal love or it’s just an serendipity

Eloquence in your rejection what makes me penchant to explore your dialect

Jest in my inverterate disparage makes you defiantly rhetoric

Wantonly are we not spending our precious lives in bourgeoisie virtue

Aporetic is my status, know no what to do? How to make you understand my poignant Love

Lamenting about the past agony, let’s not huckster it to posterity, otherwise

Agathon may come down from heaven to weave tapestry of our tragedy

Smitten by your grand ingress is like a fortune in my life

Misanthropist was I, felt the oeuvre of Shakesphere

Injustice bestowed to me seems to be a blessing in disguise

Tantaliser must be the Eros in connotative gadfly mood now,

Hush should be my stoutly earnest

Anecodotist is the Zeus in his best have rhetorically decorated our lives forever.


A brief Preface:

It happened to me one day while I was passing by Majestic’s, footpath my eye fell on this one particular book “The Dialogues of Plato”, one of the Bantam Classics. I had heard story of Socrates in my school days, which had an impact on me which made me think for a very long period ‘why the hell did he choose to die?,  While he had a fair chance to accept to go under exile and he could have continued his teachings there?’. To me Socrates seem to be a Fool not a Philosopher. I always wanted to explore this.

 Early exposure to philosophy has attracted me to study different dialects about the subject. Whenever I find an opportunity with chandrashekar uncle, to ignite a conversation about theater & dramas ‘Greek Tragedies’ are one of his favorite topics. This made me more curious about Greek philosophy and its contribution to the world.

4 times prior to this I tried reading “The Dialogues of Plato” but could not because I was not able to follow its lyrically ornamented difficult words. It was painful to look for meanings every time in that fat Oxford Dictionary. Thanks to my iphone and ‘World web’ app making it possible to read and understand it now. I was so engrossed with those beautifully constructed and ornamented conversations. It kept me aloof from the world and took me to that era of Greek where it was enacted in front of my eyes. I was so thrilled in the literati, that it inspired me to write this piece using that rhetoric language.

Please do read and leave your comments.

Glossary for your ease:

  1. Doled out= Meted out, Distributed
  2. Impetuousness= Characterized by undue haste & lack of thought
  3. Aristophanes= Ancient Greek’s Comic poet
  4. Avant Grade= Radically new or original
  5. Ana chronic= Chronologically misplaced
  6. Sublimity= Nobility in thought
  7. Ambivalence= uncertain
  8. Satirism= ridicule with witty language used to insult
  9. Perniciously= Exceedingly harmful
  10. Huckster= Seller
  11. Raging= Violent/intense
  12. Facetiously= Cleverly amusing
  13. Timidity= Fear of unknown
  14. Serendipity= Good luck in making unexpected & fortunate discoveries
  15. Eloquence= Fluent, speaking readily
  16. penchant= A strong liking
  17. Dialect= accent
  18. Jest= Remark intended to provoke laughter
  19. Inveterate= Habitual
  20. Disparage= Expressive of low opinion
  21. Defiantly= Boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
  22. Rhetoric= Excessive use of verbal ornamentation (using language effectively to please)
  23. Wantonly= un motivated
  24. Bourgeoisie= Middleclass
  25. Aporetic= An insoluble contradiction in a text’s meaning(a writer not sure what to write, how to start n how to end)
  26. poignant= Arousing effect/Pain full
  27. Lamenting= Sorrowful, groaning
  28. Posterity= All future generations, descendants
  29. Agathon= Greek’s Tragic poet
  30. Tapestry= A wall hanging of heavy hand-woven fabric with pictorial designs
  31. Smitten= Affected by something overwhelming, loving
  32. Ingress= Entry
  33. Misanthropist=Someone who dislikes people in general
  34. Oeuvre= Total output of a writer/artist
  35. Tantalizer= A tormentor who offers something desirable but keeps it just out of reach
  36. Connotative= Intentional
  37. Gadfly= A persistently annoying person
  38. Hush= Become quite or still
  39. Stoutly= In a resonate manner
  40. Earnest= Sincerity
  41. Anecodotist= (A story teller)An interesting tale of a real life incident
  42. Zeus= The supreme god of ancient Greek

9 thoughts on “A secret rendezvous…!!!

  1. For a layman like me, its a far-cry to comprehend this poem ma friend. Honestly, you have put in a great effort. Good Luck !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you are right ma friend. Initially when i read that book even i felt the same, but wen i got to know the lyrical/rhetoric values it became Gems for my vocabulary.
      Thanks for your thought.


  2. I would refrain my comments on your poem. I wouldn’t know what’s it all about.. definitely you earn the credit for challenging your vocabulary, passion for experiment & the nerve to reflect your thoughts on this digital forum. Wish to see more & learn more.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fantastic poem….Very deep if one is ready to invest the time to read and understand.

    Liked by 1 person

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