“One fine early morning ‘I’ woke up from bed, n found my-self like never before.

Like I had never born, like I’ve never visited earth before, the world seems new to me now.

It’s not the same its different, people around are not the same whom I knew, they are different.

I feel am not connected to them, I am unattached, I am alone.

All these days those threads which connected us was a delusion, I see them no more.

I see myself disconnected, I see myself unwired, am alone no past no future, no threads no emotions.

I see myself unattached to anything around, I see myself freed, liberated, out of the cocoon, out of the grave, out of pain.

I am alive now like I’ve just taken birth, just like I’ve learnt to breathe as a survival instinct.

I’ve known myself now, I am the courage in the edge of life, I am here to-learn to-experience, to-know, to-be, I am here-n-now, I am the Knowledge, I am immortal, I am just in existence with nature.”



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