Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Round in my heart there was a shock
And banging on the door of my heart
Jumped in a charming beauty as soon as the door opened
And got on the empty throne of the queen of my heart
Rather than anybody, she is for to be on that throne
Am I know your name? I asked, I could not hear as she was very far
Jumped from heaven she is specially made for me
Either she must be Rambe or Urvashi
She has twinkling eys, blossoming face totally she is a pearl
Has everything which would the queen of my heart prefers
When I saw her next I was ln love at first sight
And she completely occupied my heart
Ran to known her but she is still far but her silhouette is still in my heart
I know she is none other than ____________

I wrote this poem when I was in my 10std studying in Geetha Bharthi High School, Mysore.
There’s a small interesting story why I picked up writing in that age. Will post it shorty with my First poem.


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