#Peripety #ShortStory

#Peripety is the title of my short story completed a couple of week back.


A passage from #Peripety :

“……Raman stood still perplexed for a moment and turns back and walks out with his eyes fixed at an invisible object guiding him. In no time he is out of the hospital and standing in the street knowing nowhere to go, just takes the pavement to his left and starts walking briskly. He doesn’t know how far he has walked until he stopped in a sigh for his lungs demanded consideration as it could not cope with his emotions. In that moment he realizes the marathon he just had. He rests for a while in the bus stop shelter his eyes fixed on an invisible screen running his life as a melancholic cinema filling his heart with pain and scourge…..”

A story of human struggle with the belief system he had been domesticated with v/s the reality of life.

Please do wait for the story to be published.

Regards n Thnaks



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