Birth of a writer in me!!


I started writing way back in 1995 when I was in my High school. It all started when I accidently giggled while one of my classmates recited her poem. My class teacher bombarded and humiliated me, rather she stripped me naked in front of all my other 70+ classmates (2 sections joined). I was terribly disturbed by this.

Later after few days in the middle of the class my best friend (I believe, who had felt equally insulted) announced that I have written a poem, in spite of my non-approval. I was hesitant coz I thought my poem is silly. Well, the class teacher read it aloud in the class I saw she raised her eyebrow in surprise. Of course, I am sure she would have thought ‘How the heck this nasty, tyrant student had got to write such a piece’. Well, I was also equally surprised!!!!

It so happened that after that day of humiliation, no doubt I was disturbed but I found myself in contemplation, aloof and always in thoughts. During this time one fine day at midnight a line stuck to my stream of thoughts, I woke up went to my desk and sat still as if waiting for the dictation. That day I wrote a poem on Goddess Saraswathi (Goddess of Knowledge), the same poem which made me a talking stalk in the whole of my school across all classes and also which was later published in our school’s annual magazine.



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